We will spend extra time learning about you. At admission, if your care is assigned to one of our hospitalists, Procare Hospitalists will contact your PCP to review your patient history and review any notes in regards to your current condition. We will also review any past hospital records and gather information from you and your family.

Being readily available 24-hours a day, seven days a week helps Procare Partners physicians to communicate frequently with your primary care physician about your medical history, admission, diagnosis and ongoing care while you are hospitalized to provide a seamless, coordinated experience. By working closely with your primary care provider (PCP) Procare Hospitalists plan and manage your treatment throughout your inpatient stay to help you achieve the best possible outcomes.


Once admitted to the hospital, Procare Partners Hospitalists will coordinate closely with your primary care physician throughout your hospital stay.

At the time of discharge, Procare Partners hospitalists will update your primary physician on care you received in the hospital including any prescriptions given upon discharge, further treatment recommendations or recommended follow-up care. When your discharge instructions are reviewed with you, you may be given an appointment for follow-up care with your primary care physician, or advised to call your physician to schedule an appointment.

How Will the Hospitalist Know Your History?

Procare Hospitalists will work closely to maintain seamless communication with your primary care physician. When you are admitted, Procare Hospitalists will routinely access your chart through advanced electronic medical records.  Nearly all local physicians are connected to this system, which enables the inpatient medical team to review your health history, medication records, and any tests and specialist reports from any local hospitals. By faxing a daily summary to your PCP, Procare Hospitalists regularly update your primary care physician of your condition and plan of care. At discharge, a summary that includes your care plan and any needed medications is faxed to your primary care physician and any relevant specialists.