Procare Hospitalists employs cutting-edge technology and research to ensure the most cost-effective and superior clinical outcomes. Procare remains committed to implementing clinical practice guidelines to maximize outcomes and standardize care processes. Through better resource utilization, Procare Hospitalists have ensured reductions in hospital length of stay (LOS) and cost of care without adversely affecting mortality or 30‐day all‐cause readmission rate.

Procare Hospitalists have years of experience and knowledge about guideline development and implementation. Guidelines created by Procare Hospitalists which are soundly rooted in evidence-based medicine, have encouraged standardization of care in hospitals around the nation and have, thereby, helped physicians and other clinicians improve the delivery of healthcare and helped prescribers make appropriate medication and dosage selections quickly and accurately.

The use of guideline development and implementation has made Procare Partners a tremendous asset to hospitals and made Procare a respected leader in the creation and development of effective tools and standardized approaches for delivering top quality care.