Procare Hospitalists is one of the largest hospitalist group practices in the Midwest United States. Our board-certified physicians are graduates from the most prestigious institutions including Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University and others. Our mission is to promote the safest, highest quality, compassionate, comprehensive, patient-centered healthcare. By enhancing existing processes through performance measures and quality metrics, Procare Hospitalists enhance the delivery of healthcare and the quality of patient care.

Procare Hospitalists provide innovative, patient-focused in-patient healthcare in multiple hospitals and over 35 nursing homes and assisted livings facilities in Michigan. Unlike other hospitalists services, Procare Partners Hospitalists provide 24-hour care that is personalized to suit each patient according to their specific needs and unique circumstances. This personalized approach helps empower patients in ways that ensure the optimal delivery of healthcare while enabling patients to achieve a healthy balance in their lives. Procare Hospitalists are industry leaders in problem-solving, process development, and other areas that drive our commitment to clinical excellence and improvement of healthcare delivery systems.

A Commitment to Clinical Excellence

Procare Hospitalists are proud of their long history as an innovator in the field of medicine, mixing old and new methods to bring you personalized care. Procare Hospitalists are honored to be the recipients of the most prestigious national awards given to physicians for top clinical performance at national benchmark levels.


Procare Hospitalists group is composed of board-certified physicians who specialize in caring for patients during their stay in the hospital. Our hospitalists have developed the necessary expertise required to care for hospitalized patients through years of experience. In our ever-evolving health care climate Procare Hospitalists have developed quality metrics which are adhered to ensuring each patient is treated with the most state-of-the-art care throughout their hospital stay. Through years of experience, Procare Partners physicians have developed key clinical skill sets that are vital for this role to ensure each patient’s care is delivered in the most compassionate, competent and professional manner from admission to discharge.